About Us

At N.Y. Hung Sing Kwoon Kung Fu and Lion Dance Club (NYHSK), we teach the fundamentals of self defense, discipline, and respect, through practice in movement and mental challenge.

We teach traditional Choy Lee Fut Kung Fu and Lion Dancing. Grandmaster Simon Li, is the 5th generational disciple from our founder of our style and has been training students for over 30 years of his life. We instruct in mostly English and we utilize new and traditional methods to strengthen the practitioner.

We love young children between the ages of 7-10 years old, which at that age, social and physical development may be very important to his or her success in life later on. 4 out of 5 students that age who train with us, train until well after elementary school!

Come by and check out the classes for free. We understand that Kung Fu & Lion Dance may not be for everyone, but it is also very important to be exposed to more activities that we may grow to love for the rest of our lives.